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Major Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist

"To my friends and those I love, this is the path I have chosen, I’m sorry."

Ask/RP blog
**M!As DO NOT apply to RPs unless it's an RP started because of the M!A**

Hi! The name's Edward Elric, 21 year old Major in the Amestrian Military and re-instated State Alchemist.

((WARNING: I'm typically an 18+ RPer so it's VERY possible and LIKELY you'll see NSFW posts... you've been warned...))

~This is an independant RP blog for an AU, post FMA:B version of Edward Elric but I will play the 2003, CoS, Canon Brotherhood, Sacred Star of Milos, or manga versions of Ed upon request... I STRESS REQUEST~

~I will RP with just about anyone from any fandom but PLEASE read Ed's Rules of Engagement at minimum before asking to RP.~

~Please see the Variations of Ed I Play page for details about my ways of playing Ed since I play him MANY different ways from this one blog. The Major is the DEFAULT though and his description can be found on this page as well. READ IT BEFORE TRYING TO INTERACT PLEASE.~

~DO NOT REBLOG MY RPS. I use a thread tracking site to keep a handle on things and it will mess it up if you reblog something you are not involved in. Thank you!~

~This is a multiship blog BUT the default relationship for the Major is RoyEd and preference is typically given to that ship. You have been warned...~

~I track under thefullmetaledwardelric~

**The majority of the art I post is NOT mine unless I say otherwise. IF you see something and I haven't sourced it and you know where it came from... PLEASE tell me. I want to make sure proper credit is given whenever possible**


Yes this is a donate button. I provide it as an easy way for my commissioning parties to access my Paypal or if someone is just feeling really generous and likes what I do.



Don’t forget 3.OCT.10

"Even though we were trying to restore our own bodies, it was still human transmutation we were after, a forbidden science. If we failed the next time, there would probably be nothing left of us. We had no idea what the future would hold. But we knew there was no turning back. So, on the day we left, we burned down the family home and all the familiar things inside because some memories aren’t meant to leave traces." - Alphonse Elric


Don’t forget Oct. 3rd. 
I have no idea why I drew him all beat up.


Don’t forget Oct. 3rd. 

I have no idea why I drew him all beat up.

Ed-Kun's Art Commissions


Since my Commission post is sort of long… I’m going to link it here instead of reblogging it… but PLEASE check it out and consider putting me to work. You have no idea how much I’ll love you for it.