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Major Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist

"To my friends and those I love, this is the path I have chosen, I’m sorry."

Ask/RP blog
**M!As DO NOT apply to RPs unless it's an RP started because of the M!A**

Hi! The name's Edward Elric, 21 year old Major in the Amestrian Military and re-instated State Alchemist.

((WARNING: I'm typically an 18+ RPer so it's VERY possible and LIKELY you'll see NSFW posts... you've been warned...))

~This is an independant RP blog for an AU, post FMA:B version of Edward Elric but I will play the 2003, CoS, Canon Brotherhood, Sacred Star of Milos, or manga versions of Ed upon request... I STRESS REQUEST~

~I will RP with just about anyone from any fandom but PLEASE read Ed's Rules of Engagement at minimum before asking to RP.~

~Please see the Variations of Ed I Play page for details about my ways of playing Ed since I play him MANY different ways from this one blog. The Major is the DEFAULT though and his description can be found on this page as well. READ IT BEFORE TRYING TO INTERACT PLEASE.~

~DO NOT REBLOG MY RPS. I use a thread tracking site to keep a handle on things and it will mess it up if you reblog something you are not involved in. Thank you!~

~This is a multiship blog BUT the default relationship for the Major is RoyEd and preference is typically given to that ship. You have been warned...~

~I track under thefullmetaledwardelric~

**The majority of the art I post is NOT mine unless I say otherwise. IF you see something and I haven't sourced it and you know where it came from... PLEASE tell me. I want to make sure proper credit is given whenever possible**


Yes this is a donate button. I provide it as an easy way for my commissioning parties to access my Paypal or if someone is just feeling really generous and likes what I do.




I’m opening up for commissions again, or maybe more as always. *laughs* I’m hoping to get funds to keep me afloat until I get back to work. I have a bit saved from doing this and from other means, but those means have pretty much stopped now. SO MAKE ME DRAW FOR YOU!

I specialize in FMA fanart and mostly head shots/busts. That’s just what I know I’m fairly good at… but you’re more than welcome to talk to me about other stuff. I’ll draw your OC for you, your other favorite anime characters, it doesn’t really matter, I just ask that it be nothing TOO crazy. 

Something else, I specialize in TRADITIONAL art, so when you commission me to draw you will be getting a PHYSICAL drawing not a digital one, though I will scan the image for you to see just know my scanner isn’t always the best at capturing the image. The scan is just meant as a way for you to proof the piece before I send it to you, nothing more. 


Black&White/Gray Scale No Background

Black&White/Gray Scale w/ Gray Background

Black&White/Gray Scale w/ Color Background

Color No Background (I actually haven’t done this one yet so I’ll provide one once I do)

Color w/ Gray Background (I actually haven’t done this one yet so I’ll provide one once I do)

Color w/ Color Background

How it works…

  1. Contact me either here or by email (thefullmetaledwardelric1@gmail.com) with your request
  2. At LEAST half of payment will need to be made up front before I start your drawing. My paypal email is sailormidnyghtalchemist@gmail.com. I wish this wasn’t required but I HAVE had trouble in the past with people commissioning me for stuff and I do the work but then they never pay me. I need to know you’re serious before I start working, I’m sorry. 
  3. I will draw the image to the best of my ability and send to you either a scan or a photograph of the image, depending on the size of the paper (My cam and scanner aren’t the greatest though mind you so the quality of the finished image will be FAR better than what you see in the sent proof. This is just provided to make sure I caught what you were looking for)
  4. Once you have proofed the image, send any remaining payment balance to my PayPal. **Note: I am one of those that if you’re NOT happy I will do it over until you are but the initial deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. That deposit is basically the payment for my effort. In the case of full payment being made at the time of commissioning, I will refund HALF if no suitable arrangement can be made. Again, this is a sadly needed thing as I use actual resources such as paper and pencil lead and the like when doing this and I need to know I’m not wasting those things since costs add up when I’m not being properly compensated for their depletion. Again, I AM sorry for this but I can’t afford to work for nothing at all…
  5. Upon confirmation of payment I will then send your art to you via USPS with delivery confirmation so it can be tracked and I will provide the tracking number to you. **YOU MUST BE WILLING TO PROVIDE A MAILING ADDRESS SO I CAN SEND YOUR ART TO YOU**



$5 Black&White/Gray Scale No Background

$6 Black&White/Gray Scale w/ Background (Color or Gray)

$8 Color No Background

$10 Color w/ Background (Color or Gray)


$10 Black&White/Gray Scale No Background

$12 Black&White/Gray Scale w/Background (Color or Gray)

$18 Color No Background

$20 Color w/Background (Color or Gray)


$15 Black&White/Gray Scale No Background

$18 Black&White/Gray Scale w/Background (Color or Gray)

$25 Color No Background

$30 Color w/Background (Color or Gray)

**All prices are based on a single person in the sketch and based on paper size at this time. If you are interested in more than that we can certainly discuss pricing. Though figure probably an additional $2 per additional person in the pic… (NOTES THAT GROUP PICS ARE NOT HIS STRONGEST THING THOUGH)

**All prices are based in US DOLLARS. I’m not against doing work for people outside of the US but be aware, pricing will change to account for exchange rates and additional fees. (see the next section for additional shipping fee comments for outside of the US customers)

Shipping and Handling Charges

Sadly, at this time this is required for me. If this goes well enough I may be able to remove the shipping charge but for me funds are REALLY tight right now so this is a necessary evil. These prices are just so I’m not footing the entire cost of postage and packaging.

5x8 sized items - $2 shipping/handling fee

9x12 and 11x14 items - $3 shipping/handling fee

**Again, these quotes are for US CUSTOMERS. For customers outside of the US, I will determine how much it will be to send your work to you and quote you a shipping fee at the time we discuss your initial commission**


I have also added prints to my available art. They can be purchased from my Etsy store HERE.


Just a humble reminder…


//I run two shops on Etsy:

E. Midnyght Designs - This is my personal store for my art and handy goods and the like.

Full Coverage Writers - This shop has all sorts of writing goodies and writing inspired items from buttons to plushies to resources to help with your writing endeavors. This shop is run in conjunction with www.fcwriters.com and is the group that I’m affiliated with.

Please stop by and check them out! Maybe make a small purchase or two… I’d love you 5ever if you did! I’m always poking at the stores and adding things when I can (especially to the FC Writes one right now) so drop in often!