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Major Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist

"To my friends and those I love, this is the path I have chosen, I’m sorry."

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Hi! The name's Edward Elric, 21 year old Major in the Amestrian Military and re-instated State Alchemist.

((WARNING: I'm typically an 18+ RPer so it's VERY possible and LIKELY you'll see NSFW posts... you've been warned...))

~This is an independant RP blog for an AU, post FMA:B version of Edward Elric but I will play the 2003, CoS, Canon Brotherhood, Sacred Star of Milos, or manga versions of Ed upon request... I STRESS REQUEST~

~I will RP with just about anyone from any fandom but PLEASE read Ed's Rules of Engagement at minimum before asking to RP. Just because I say I will RP with anyone does by NO MEANS mean I will RP with EVERYONE.~

~Please see the Variations of Ed I Play page for details about my ways of playing Ed since I play him MANY different ways from this one blog. The Major is the DEFAULT though and his description can be found on this page as well.~

~This is a multiship blog BUT the default relationship for the Major is RoyEd and preference is typically given to that ship. You have been warned...~

~I track under thefullmetaledwardelric~

**The majority of the art I post is NOT mine unless I say otherwise. IF you see something and I haven't sourced it and you know where it came from... PLEASE tell me. I want to make sure proper credit is given whenever possible**


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Frustration || missingelric



Golden eyes glared at the punching bag before him, his hands wrapped tightly. Under those wraps there was already a growing sting that was sure to leave those hands sore later but he didn’t care. The fists that those hands were curled into showed every inclination that there was another round swiftly coming. Moments later that inclination became reality as his fists drove into the bag once more relentlessly. He was frustrated, he was angry… and the bag was the only thing he knew of that he could take it out on, well unless he wanted another man’s blood on him and the possibility of spending a good sum of time in prison.

Alphonse carefully walked into the room he had been told his brother might be in. Ed hadn’t been home when he had said he would and after a few hours Al couldn’t keep from worrying anymore and had gone to the military headquarters to find the older Elric and upon seeing his brother beating the crap out of a punching bag Al just stood there deciding to just let him take some of his anger out before talking to him. Al stood quietly for about fifteen minutes before uttering one word. “Brother?” 

He was so far gone punching that bag that he didn’t even realize anyone had come in. Over and over again those fist drove into the fabric and stuffing… So much so that he didn’t even notice that he had bled through the wrappings even as the evidence stared him in the face. He wasn’t going to stop, not until he had exhausted himself… this was better than taking his anger home… better than letting Alphonse see it…

But just as Ed finally stopped, wrapped his arms around the bag to steady himself… he heard the voice… Al’s voice. Looking up, he saw the younger Elric standing just inside the door, his eyes on him, watching. Something in Ed’s chest sank. “A… Alphonse? Wh… what’re you doing here?” he asked with panting breath.

punky-thera asked



Ed looked at ZANE a bit surprised. “What are kisses like?” he repeated back to his android creation, his face flushed. Evidently he had come across such things while searching the net (Ed didn’t even WANT to know what for if that was something he’d ended up on) and was curious what they were really like. Scratching at his head, Ed sighed. “Well, they’re kinda different for everyone ZANE, I mean, no two really feel exactly the same and a lot of it depends on how the people involved feel about each other…”

He had to wonder if maybe the fact that he had started to add in the software for emotional simulation as well as started to work on ZANE’s nerve hardware may have prompted it… but still… Though at this point Ed already knew that ZANE was starting to put things together for himself as well. “Geez ZANE, why do you always seem to manage to put me on the spot like this?” he’d asked, only to get a wise remark about there being no ‘spots’ on the floor and the fact he wasn’t standing in one, though Ed knew perfectly well that ZANE knew exactly what the phrase really meant.

Insisting more that he wanted to know, Ed really couldn’t see any other way to do this but to actually show him. Relenting, his face bright red, Ed put his hands on the android’s shoulders and pushed up onto his toes a bit, pressing his lips just enough to the silicone of ZANE’s lips that he was sure the sensors would pick it up and then backed away. “There, that’s what it feels like… happy now?”

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Maria saw that image you just reblogged and now she's like *crosses legs and looks innocent*. I think she liked it a little too much. XD

//Oh what? The “Get on your knees and beg for it” one??? *laughs*

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((MAJOR Kiss #1))

Seeing Roy standing there for a kiss, the Major’s face blazed red. There was a nervous knot in his stomach and he as trying not to let it show… though the knot had beads of sweat slowly showing at his brow. “Damn it…” he grumbled under his breath. HE knew he had to do this… so… reaching out, Ed grabbed Roy by the front of his uniform and kissed him hard. It was slightly awkward at first, the blond’s nerves still getting to him but then he settled a bit and realized… 

He was enjoying this.

The realization though had Ed pulling back abruptly, a look of terror on his face as he pushed Roy back… His breathing was quick as golden eyes gaped before he pulled himself at least enough back that he looked away from Roy, unable to say anything.


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